Strengths-Based Development

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Kingmaker features a suite of effective, engaging StrengthsTransform™ strengths-based solutions for students, educators & schools:

Campus Excellence with Strengths

This programme is for students (aged 13 and above) looking to maximize their campus development and contribution according to their innate talents:

  • "How may I develop confidence in my talents?"
  • "What unique contribution can I bring to my school and community?"
  • "How may I approach campus life to learn effectively and efficiently?"
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StrengthsTransform™ Teams!

This programme is great for student groups from Co-curricular Activities, Student Councils and Class Committees seeking to maximize team effectiveness:

  • "How may we communicate better to forge effective partnerships?"
  • "How can we build teamwork to attain excellence?"
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Strengths For Educators

Attain professional excellence in education and discover and direct your strengths. This programme is for educators seeking to maximize impact according to their innate talents:

  • "How may I teach in my unique way in order to maximize impact for students?"
  • "How can I bring my best talents as a teacher into the classroom?"
  • "How can I customize an approach to maximize students' engagement, motivation and results?"
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Personal Mastery & Time-Out Programmes

This programme is suitable for students aged 13 and above seeking to re-engage in school life through strengths-based development:

  • "How may I overcome challenges by using my natural talents?"
  • "How can I use my strengths to learn effectively in school?"
  • "How may I head towards excellence and well-being for the future?"
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Education & Career Guidance

"... the programme has successfully identified the strengths that I have (including the unexpected). This definitely helps me gain insight into how I should proceed in life. If someone wants to know his purpose in life and how to tackle it from a fresh perspective, this programme will be useful."

- Lam Kok Hao, Nanyang Polytechnic

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Academic Excellence (ACE) Programme

This Academic Excellence (ACE) Programme is a strengths-based academic excellence programme designed to empower students to:

  1. Understand their talents
  2. Fine-tune education & career plans
  3. Set academic goals & learn time management skills
  4. Acquire & practice specific study skills
  5. Transfer learning to enhance academic achievement
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Strengths-Based Parenting!

Support your child's most direct path to excellence, engagement and success. This programme is ideal for parents and teenagers seeking to improve understanding and appreciation in the family. It addresses the following questions:

  • "What are my teenager's unique talents? How may I better communicate with him?"
  • "How may I help my teenager select optimal education and career option?"
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StrengthsTransform™ Youth Developers

This is an excellent programme for counsellors, youth workers and coaches seeking to maximize impact according to their innate talents:

  • "How may I influence youths in my unique and most effective way?"
  • "How may I uncover the youths' talents and allow them to shine?"
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"Very useful in finding ways to improve yourself and appreciate the people around you. Seriously though, it helps make working in teams easier."

- Izzah Hazirah, Student Leader, Temasek Secondary School

"It provided me with insight into how to leverage on my strengths to make my teaching more effective in the classroom. This workshop has moved me one notch higher in terms of participant engagement and motivation."

- Ms Lydia Tan, Project Work Tutor, Raffles Institution

"This workshop enlightened me, and in a sense, gave me a deeper understanding of my future."

- Myron Teo, Dunman High School

"I like how I was able to learn about my top five talents. Before that, I wasn't really sure what to say when people asked me what they were."

- Amanda Goh, Crescent Girls' School

"It is useful and fun, as it can help you understand your strengths and communicate well with others."

- Hew Woon Qi, Yuying Secondary School

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