About Us

Kingmaker Consultancy Singapore


Be the most preferred partner for schools and parents in Asia for equipping children with 21st century skills.


Kingmaker seeks to nurture top leaders who wield influence with their capability, integrity and their hearts' desire to serve.

Trainers Say

People are the heart and core of Kingmaker. The Kingmaker trainer team comprises of some really great people with excellent work ethic and high engagement.

We are proud of our team, and of the quality, meaningful work that we all do together.

Hear from some of our trainers and interns, past and present:

"Kingmaker is devoted to excellent quality education for the next generation. It is my privilege to work with them.

They also distinguish themselves with profiling tools backed by strong research. Programmes are also delivered by a dedicated team of consultants. Kingmaker certainly is a think-tank for strengths-based development and trailblazer in the market today."

- Shane Teo

"Being in Kingmaker Consultancy gives me the opportunity to work on the ground and constantly interact with students.

And, training with Kingmaker feels like working with family."

- Lim Ray Wen

"At Kingmaker, training pedagogy for both trainers and students alike is top-notch and interesting. Most importantly, trainers are always improving and progressing - staying relevant and true to the times."

- Yeo Si Yuan

"With Kingmaker, I am able to provide holistic training - I work with individuals on their motivations rather than simply tell them what to do."

- Sunil Ebenezer Sutherson

K ingmaker, the premier game-changing consultancy
I nspires and imparts
N otions and concepts with
G roundbreaking and well-research findings, all
M ethodologically expounded and presented to
A ctivate a holistic acquisition of the
K now-how and lifeskill
E ssential for individuals to thrive
R elevantly and richly for today and tomorrow

- Jenny Chua