Academic Excellence & Study Skills

Cyber Wellness & Media literacy (10)
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Strengths-Based Study Approach

By understanding the students' own strengths, they will be able to adjust their approach for more effective and sustained learning. By understanding other students' different approaches to learning, they can start appreciating everyone's strengths and take steps towards building effective collaborative learning for greater excellence in future!


Brain-Based Study Techniques

This programme guides participants to be fully and effectively engaged in class or lectures. Through live demonstration and practice, students will acquire the skills to maximise productivity and learning in school. Participants also learn to choose and develop their most effective methods for memory techniques and to apply their own relevant techniques to commit most-important academic content to long-term memory.


Time Management

This programme deconstructs digital media influence and helps participants understand how it impacts academic productivity. Through a series of live experiments, participants assess their own ability to focus. They also customise practical plans to manage technology use.

"It really is helpful. I thought it'll be like every other one but no, it really helped to give my friends and me more belief and hope for the journey ahead."

- Sujatha, SAJC

"This will change how I'm going to study from now on."

- Gabriel, RVHS

“The workshop is unique in that it evens offers a personalised report for everyone, with recommended revision strategies for them based on their talent types. It was an insightful experience that taught me a lot more on how to properly study so as to maximise the amount of content I retain and learn.”

- Destiny, Unity SS

“I learnt how I could make full use of my strengths to help myself get through life better and also to build on them and develop myself and grow as a person”

- Jeannette, RVHS

“Before this programme, I had very poor time management, poor sleep cycles, poor eating habits. Now, I have better knowledge of sleep and nutrition, time management skills."

- Laura, TJC

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