Intervention Programmes

Cyber Wellness & Media literacy (7)
Clients (17)

Strengths-Based Cyber Wellness Coaching

Engage the positive core & strengths of youth to break toxic Internet usage patterns and establish a new domain for excellence and purpose.

This programme uses StrengthsFinder (and or StrengthsExplorer) to help youths find greater inspiration and purpose in life.


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Personal Mastery & Time Out Programmes

"Maximize Student Engagement by Uncovering  Talents and Applying Strengths"

  • Overcome personal challenges by playing to strengths
  • Take the most direct path to excellence and well-being


Format: Group Intervention

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“The various information that are of certain authority allows me to truly understand how deadly online activity can be.”

Student, River Valley High School

“The programme is very informative and I learned a lot on how to not get addicted.”

Student, River Valley High School

“This programme is very interesting and allows you to learn much about why you game and how to make the best use of our talents.”

Student, Bowen Secondary School

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