Intervention Programmes

Kingmaker adopts a data-driven approach for intervention programmes. We use both quantitative & qualitative tools to derive accurate risk profiles and map a clients' positive core.

With industry-leading expertise in both cyber wellness & strengths-based development, our intervention programmes are well-received by clients and creates hope and sustained change.

Strengths-Based Cyber Wellness Coaching

Engage the positive core & strengths of youth to break toxic Internet usage patterns and establish a new domain for excellence and purpose.

This programme uses StrengthsFinder (and or StrengthsExplorer) to help youths find greater inspiration and purpose in life.


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Personal Mastery & Time Out Programmes

"Maximize Student Engagement by Uncovering  Talents and Applying Strengths"

  • Overcome personal challenges by playing to strengths
  • Take the most direct path to excellence and well-being


Format: Group Intervention

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