Cyber Wellness, Media Literacy, Digital Citizenship

Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy
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Media Literacy Programmes

Absorbing insights into the world of media & content producers. Participants learn insider’s knowledge and acquire critical understanding of how the industry works.

Beyond savvy navigation and consumption of media, participants are also taught practical ways to use media skilfully.


Format: Workshops | Seminars | Assemblies

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Cyber Wellness Solutions

Evidence-based intervention to develop discerning and responsible ICT users. The programmes are validated to shape values & change behaviour in 21st century learners.

Top-notch trainers deliver lively, engaging and interactive sessions. Content is fresh and relevant, updated with cutting-edge research and up-to-date case studies.


Format: Workshops | Seminars | Assemblies

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Digital Citizenship & Advocacy Programmes

In-depth learning & application to develop genuine advocates for cyber wellness. Packed with original, exciting & varied ways to effectively communicate their messages.

Students take ownership and initiative for peer influence!


Sample Deliverables:

  • App Development and E-Learning
  • Experiential Learning Games and Carnivals
  • Online Videos and Campaigns
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Cyber Wellness Carnivals

Experiential and transformational learning. Students engage through a unique blend of exciting games, quizzes, exhibitions, and competitions.

Going beyond devices & the classroom, Kingmaker designs dynamic cyber wellness carnivals and amazing race events in schools!



Format: Carnivals | Games | Amazing Race

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Cyber Wellness Profiling & Research

Acquire in-depth understanding of media usage patterns of students in schools. Engage with international research scientists & practitioners.

Benchmark your school profile with the largest data sample of Singapore students from 2012 to 2017.


Research Consultancy Services:

  1. Survey media usage patterns among students
  2. Analyses by researcher-practitioner & norming with national samples from 2012 to 2017
  3. Consultation and design of solutions
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Cyber Wellness Professional Development

Workshops & seminars to empower educators with research insights & practitioner experience to implement ICT Masterplan 4.

  • Mastery of fundamental workings of various media forms
  • In depth understanding of media effects on users
  • Engage youths and build Teacher-Student relationships (TSR)
  • Acquire case management skills for cyber wellness


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Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Teenagers)

Popular workshop to help parents handle teenagers (13 to 18 years old) as they move quickly from parental regulation toward autonomy.

  • How to engage young people effectively online?
  • How may teenagers develop self-regulation on the Internet?
  • How may we inspire young people to use the Internet positively?


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Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Children)

Workshop to empower parents with cutting edge research & actionable insights on how best to manage young children (up to 12 years old) who start early on digital devices.

  • What do children learn from screen time?
  • How does digital exposure affect their development?
  • How to create & carry out a media plan for holistic development?


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Cyber Wellness Collaterals

This activity book explores the internet through fun activities, interesting facts and looks at internet addiction, online strangers, cybercrime and social media.

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“Fun, engaging and very relatable as secondary school is where people start acting rashly and making unsound decisions. This was a good wake up call and a reminder to exercise control and think before we act.”

Student, Anderson Secondary on CW Assembly

“I learned that the developers of online platforms do not only make sure the apps/websites they develop are fun, they also make sure they are addictive enough that they can earn lots of money.”

Student, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School on CW Workshop

"Kingmaker is very professional. The trainers are able to reach out easily to our students with their dedication, confidence and subject mastery.”

Teacher, Montfort Secondary School on CW Carnival

“It made me realise that what I have been doing all along is very bad and impacted me and made me want to help other just like how I've been helped.”

Student, Raffles Girls’ Primary School on CW Advocacy

“You are inspiring. Not only in parenting consultancy. The last seminar gave me a whole idea on how to tackle the challenge in a technology frontier manufacturing & people management. Looking forward to next Kingmaker seminar.”

Parent, Beacon Primary School on CW Parenting

“Professional sharing based on real research sheds light on the factors that contribute to computer gaming addiction. Useful tips shared on how to manage and regain control.”

Teacher, Maris Stella High School on CW Professional Development

“The various information that are of certain authority allows me to truly understand how deadly online activity can be.”

Student, River Valley High School on CW Intervention

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