Cyber Wellness Professional Development

Professional Development: Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy

Educators & Counselling Professionals are empowered to design & execute a whole-school approach for cyber wellness & media literacy

Research insights for cyber wellness & media literacy

Evidence-based intervention programmes

Cutting-edge media literacy programmes

Specific Skills

  1. Acquire domain knowledge for prevailing cyber wellness issues
  2. Interpret student cyber wellness profiles & evaluate schools needs
  3. Practise skills to handle at-risk students

Sample Topics

  1. Building Teacher-Student Relationships (TSR) through understanding youth usage patterns in video games, social media & online videos
  2. Early intervention for Internet Addiction
  3. Case management training for online aggression & cyber bullying
  4. Understanding social media & implications for engaging young children
  5. Positive Intervention for Internet Use
Cyber Wellness Media Literacy
DECODE Social Work Conference 2014
Cyber Wellness Professional Singapore
Educator Training
Cyber Wellness Media Literacy Kingmaker
Mr. Poh on Validated Intervention Programmes
Kingmaker Media Literacy
Leading Media Researchers & Practitioners
Demonstration of Validated Media Literacy Programmes in Iowa State, United States of America

Conferences, Events & Client List

National & International Conferences

  1. Iowa State Media Literacy Conference 2017
  2. Singapore Forum on Cyberworlds in Asia Pacific 2017
  3. Singapore Media Forum 2016
  4. ASEAN Paediatric Federation Congress 2014
  5. Media Sense & Sensibility Seminar (Kingmaker Consultancy Pte. Ltd. 2012 & 2014)
  6. 3rd Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards & Seminar (Engaging the Family: The Development of Family Social Work in China 闔府統請 : 家庭社會工作的發展與前瞻) (2014, Peking University)
  7. Beacon Primary School Parents' Conference (2014 to 2017)
  8. DECODE Conference 2014 (Fei Yue Community Services, 2014)
  9. East Zone Center of Excellence Cyber Wellness Workshop (2014)
  10. West 6 Cluster Research Seminar & Educator Training Workshop (2012)
  11. 20th Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) Annual Conference (2011)
  12. Digital Literacy Symposium (CIVICA, 2011)
  13. Asian Festival of Children’s Content (Singapore Book Council, 2011, 2012)

Singapore Schools

  1. Assumption English School
  2. Bartley Secondary School
  3. Beacon Primary School
  4. Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
  5. Dunman High School
  6. East Spring Secondary School
  7. Junyuan Secondary School
  8. Jurong West Secondary School
  9. Huamin Primary School
  10. Innova Primary School
  11. Maris Stella High School
  12. Mayflower Secondary School
  13. Meridian Junior College
  14. Methodist Girls’ School
  15. Pei Hwa Secondary School
  16. Pei Tong Primary School
  17. Raffles Institution
  18. Stamford Primary School
  19. Yew Tee Primary School
  20. Yuhua Secondary School

What Participants Say

CCHSY Kingmaker cyberwellness
Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

"The real cases the speaker showed us are the best part of the workshop. The speaker is humourous. Short, sweet and efficient - meets objectives."

Mr. Moon, Educator

“Fast paced, non dreary. Interesting topic”

(Anonymous) Educator

JWSS cyberwellness kingmaker
Jurong West Secondary School

"Research data made the workshop authentic & meaningful!"

Mr. Banerjee, Educator

“Not preachy nor predictable, can identify and relate to what you shared. Helpful info and insightful too”

Samantha, Educator

“Clear examples and intent delivered very clearly”

Lee Xin Ying, Educator

YTPS cyberwellness kingmaker
Yew Tee Primary School

"100% relevant. Presented with passion and a mission to educate our youngsters (and even teachers)!"

(Anonymous) Educator

ESSS cyberwellness kingmaker
East Spring Secondary School

"It is the door to entering the life of a teen that we have left for a long time."

(Anonymous) Educator

Kingmaker Cyber Wellness Advocacy
Beatty Secondary School

"Fundamental and comprehensive. A whole durian held in a nutshell."

Mr Ang, Educator

“The presenter was a video gamer himself and used personal experiences to help elucidate the problem.”

Mr. Tan Ken Jin, Bartley SS

CCHMS cyberwellness kingmaker
Chung Cheng High School (Main)

"Engaging speaker, excellent presentation. (In contrast) Other cyber wellness workshops are boring."

(Anonymous) Educator