What Others Say

"Kingmaker value-adds to cyber wellness education in schools by working out and delivering a customized cyber wellness programme that caters to the unique profile of the students in each school.

The up-to-date content and engaging paedagogy used in their talks and seminars never fail to enthuse the students even though they have already acquired basic cyber wellness knowledge from the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) syllabus."

Mr. David Tay, Subject Head, New Media Literacy, Crescent Girls' School

"Most others talk about the harm of computer games but often it does not "speak" to the students. Kingmaker's programme shows the motivation of the game creator and helps students see the game company's perspective, to really make them consider their gaming life."

Teacher, Maris Stella High School

"Kingmaker has always made the effort to customize presentations to suit the needs of the Junior College students. Case studies were supported by research findings, and were relevant and updated. Presenter spoke with passion and students were deeply engaged!"

Ms. Au Yee Kuan, Serangoon Junior College

"Others were dry, but this programme is life changing, especially to the digital novice."

Teacher, Raffles Girls' School