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Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy

Kingmaker Consultancy runs Digital Citizenship programmes that are dynamic, interactive & scientifically-validated to teach digital literacy, change attitudes & behaviour for cyber wellness.

Top-notch trainers facilitate powerful learning experiences through workshops, seminars, carnivals & advocacy campaigns.

Strengths-Based Development

Kingmaker Leadership Institute runs StrengthsTransform™ programmes, using StrengthsExplorer, StrengthsQuest, StrengthsFinder to establish & develop positive schools.

Strengths is infused into curricula & co-curricula, student management, student motivation & well-being.

Media & Video Production

Kingmaker Digital Media creates digital content specially for cyber wellness & strengths. Services starts from ideation & scripting, to production & extends to post-production services.

Popular projects include advocacy videos, multimedia training solutions, e-learning activities, websites, games & apps.

Cyber Wellness StrengthsFinder School Clients
StrengthsFinder StrengthsQuest Kingmaker
CyberWellness Kingmaker Clients

"Kingmaker has clearly demonstrated a willingness to be customer-oriented, putting specific needs of the school as priority."

- Mrs. Mary Bay, Ex-Principal, Bartley Secondary School

"Delivers excellent quality, and makes all effort to understand the needs of the school and meet them. What impresses me most was the thoroughness of the service and the strong commitment towards partnering the school in our journey to ensure students' well-being."

- Mdm. Chia Hwee See, Teacher, Stamford Primary School

"Kingmaker value-adds to cyber wellness education in schools by working out and delivering a customized cyber wellness programme that caters to the unique profile of the students in each school.

The up-to-date content and engaging paedagogy used in their talks and seminars never fail to enthuse the students even though they have already acquired basic cyber wellness knowledge from the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) syllabus." 

Mr. David Tay, Subject Head, New Media Literacy, Crescent Girls' School

"Most others talk about the harm of computer games but often it does not "speak" to the students. Kingmaker's programme shows the motivation of the game creator and helps students see the game company's perspective, to really make them consider their gaming life."

- Teacher, Maris Stella High School

"Kingmaker has always made the effort to customize presentations to suit the needs of the Junior College students. Case studies were supported by research findings, and were relevant and updated. Presenter spoke with passion and students were deeply engaged!"

- Ms. Au Yee Kuan, Serangoon Junior College

"Others were dry, but this programme is life changing, especially to the digital novice."

-  Teacher, Raffles Girls' School

"Kingmaker is very professional. The trainers are able to reach out easily to our students with their dedication, confidence and subject mastery."

- Mr. R Jayakumar, Teacher, Monfort Secondary School

Quality Cyber Wellness & StrengthsFinder

Validated & Robust Curriculum

At Kingmaker, our curriculum is well-researched and constantly updated. We engage our clients and students with meaningful content that value-add.

Strong Trainer Team

People are the heart and core of our business. Kingmaker's team of trainers deliver high work ethics and high engagement. We take pride in our team, and would love for you to get to know them!

Customisable Options

This is certainly a Kingmaker distinctive. We customise to meet a wide spectrum of client profiles, and can tailor programmes to meet specific objectives or school values.

Measurable Outcomes

Kingmaker values students' and teachers' feedback for all our programmes. We gather qualitative and quantitative feedback from participants and triangulate these to measure programme effectiveness.

Creative Pedagogy

Programmes are embedded with transformative experiential learning for participant engagement and maximum learning retention. Our team comes up with creative ways to conduct meaningful programmes.

Engaging, Meaningful & Fun!

Kingmaker's growing pool of return clients and excellent feedback from educators and students testify to our brand. We take pride in our work, and we love what we do!

We'd love to speak with you!

Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. Our education consultants will get back to you to discuss meaningful, customisable programme options for your school or your team.