Media & Video Production

Cyber Wellness Media Advocacy Ambassadors

Kingmaker Media offers the full range of services to produce digital content for cyber wellness & strengths

We provide development, planning, scripting, shooting, interviewing & post-production services. Our products include apps, videos, multimedia training & e-learning solutions.

Videos (Student Advocacy for Cyber Wellness)

Kingmaker provided expert consultation & guidance for the design & production of media. These content brings the message of cyber wellness to students in a relevant & engaging form.

Apps for Blended-Learning

Kingmaker consults for the development of E-Learning Apps. From 2015 to 2017, Kingmaker has helped more than 100 schools & 1,000 students to develop quality content on cyber wellness to engage parents.

E-Learning Solutions

Kingmaker consults with schools to build engaging & interactive e-learning solutions. These include websites, online games, quizzes, & videos among other digital content.

These integrate with direct instruction & experiential learning for holistic & effective training.

Multimedia Training Solutions

Kingmaker works with schools & students to research & produce multimedia content for peer advocacy & even parent training. With expert guidance & scaffolding, student advocates are able to produce relevant, engaging & well-researched content.