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StrengthsTransform TEAMS

This programme is great for student groups from Co-curricular Activities, Student Councils and Class Committees seeking to maximize team effectiveness:

  • "How may we communicate better to forge effective partnerships?"
  • "How can we build teamwork to attain excellence?"


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Cyber Wellness Leadership Training

In-depth learning & application to develop genuine advocates for cyber wellness. Packed with original, exciting & varied ways to effectively communicate their messages.

Students take ownership and initiative for peer influence! Some sample Deliverables include:

  • App Development and E-Learning
  • Experiential Learning Games and Carnivals
  • Online Videos and Campaigns


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"This workshop allows you to learn about your strengths, others' strengths, and how to work together using those strengths. I learnt more about myself and my peers, and in the future I can work better with them."

Student Leader, Temasek Secondary on StrengthsTransform Teams

"I understand my role in the team so that we can work together and have better results. I know my strengths and I can apply them in real life."

Student, Woodlands Secondary School on StrengthsTransform Teams

"Cyber aggression is a serious case that is becoming very common, affecting many teenagers. This programme will definitely benefit you and teach you how to deal with cyber trolls. :)”

Student, CHIJ St. Nicholas' Girls School on Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

"It is fun and a interesting way for you to learn about yourself through your online activities."

Student, Nan Hua High  School on Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

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