Parenting & Family Life Education

Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Children)

Young children (Up to 12 years old) start early on digital devices.

  • What do they learn from these screen time in their formative years?
  • How does digital exposure affect their holistic development?

Find out how to create & execute a media plan for healthy development.

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Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Teenagers)

Teenagers (13 to 18 years old) move quickly from parental regulation toward autonomy.

  • How can we continue to engage young people effectively online?
  • How may we inspire young people to use the Internet positively?

Find out how parents can adapt the approach to help teenagers navigate the online world.

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Positive Parenting With Strengths

Use Clifton StrengthsFinder to drive parenting for teenagers

  • Gain accurate insight into your teenager's unique abilities
  • Support your child's most direct path to excellence, engagement and success
  • Parent with your strengths | Parent to your strengths
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Parent-Child Communication

Kingmaker uses experiential learning games to spark communication between parents & children over contentious issues & to see from each others' viewpoints. This usually leads to reconciliation & improvement in understanding for stronger relationships.

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