Strengths-Based Parenting


"Effective Parenting Through Understanding Strengths."

  • Gain accurate insight into your teenager's unique abilities                                                                                        
  • Support your child's most direct path to excellence, engagement and success                                                                               
  • Parent with your strengths | Parent to your strengths


Who Should Attend?

Parents (and teenagers) seeking to improve understanding and appreciation in the family:

  • "What are my teenager's unique talents?"How may I help my teenager select optimal education and career option?"
  • Why do we see things differently? How may I better communicate with my teenager?"


"Realizing the Harmony and Belief traits in me has urged me to make good my limited time with my loved ones, and even review my day-to-day tasks to align them with both my passions and what can help me provide for the family. I also appreciate that part of myself that never wants to "rock the boat" in the face of a challenging circumstance in my family or work place." 

Ms Jenny Chua, Tutor, Diagnostics Coach & Mother of Three

"I've learnt that parents and their children may have very different strengths. But it can be so exciting and interesting if they learn to complement each other."

Ms Christy, Mother of One