Parent-Child Communication

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Children usually communicate the most with parents during pre-adolescence. However, the same children become reluctant to communicate with their parents when they grow into teenagers. This breakdown in communication usually leads to conflict and frustration, and may even deprive the teenager of crucial and necessary engagement with parents.

This workshop engages both parents and teenagers over differences in perception. Through a mix of teaching, profiling, discussion and innovative games, participants will be led through a process to communicate their own perspective, and learn to appreciate the other party’s viewpoint. Participants will experience reconciliation and understanding and set the stage for better relationships.

What Will Participants Learn?

  1. Participants gain insights into youth motivation for video gaming and social media
  2. Participants develop an awareness of parent mediation styles
  3. Forge common understanding of healthy Internet use (video games, social media & online videos)


“This workshop is very lively and interesting. It is also easy to understand. Great approach!”

Chan Hern Loong, Parent, Hua Yi Secondary School

“I like it that the workshop is very innovative, fun & informative”

Ong Poh Lay, Parent, Hua Yi Secondary School

“(I gained) awareness of video gaming influence to your child/his or her addiction; how to overcome gaming addiction.”

Michael Chew, Parent, Zhonghua Secondary School