The Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Children)

The Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Children)

Children are exposed to digital devices from a very young age. Video games & online videos are usually the first teachers of young minds. Primary school children also adopt personal digital devices as learning tools. All these expose our young children to both opportunities & risk of harm.

Many parents worry about harmful online content, game addiction, online strangers and media violence - issues that may affect the child’s physical, emotional and mental health. They also struggle with keeping children away from devices.

This programme draws on cutting-edge research to understand the effects of such exposure and to separate risk from harm. Parents will receive holistic perspectives on issues surrounding video gaming and social media. Through the use of behaviour profiles & media-planning tools, parents will be guided to develop practical plans for cyber wellness & holistic development. They will also learn parenting strategies to manage primary school children’s use of technology.

Parenting in the Digital Age Cyberwellness
Developing Practical Ideas
Parenting Cyber Wellness Kingmaker
Making Media Choices for Cyber Wellness
Adaptable Parenting Approach
Adaptable Parenting Approach

What will participants learn?

  1. Make media choices to suit family priorities and prepare the children for school
  2. Develop a media plan for children’s wellness
  3. Choose and use technological tools to carry out the media plan
  4. Gain practical ideas to handle young children
  5. Adapt parenting approach to counter challenges for new media

What Participants Say

Beacon Primary School
Beacon Primary School

"You are inspiring. Not only in parenting consultancy. The last seminar gave me a whole idea on how to tackle the challenge in a technology frontier manufacturing and people management. Looking forward to next Kingmaker seminar."

Lim Yan Seng, Parent

Cyber Wellness St Andrew's

“I like it that your presentation is very light and (contains) very practical insight. I will be happy and interested to attend another session”

Per Sook Han, Parent

“Lots of practical application + real experience + research data”

Anonymous Parent

That was such a wonderful session. Both from a parenting & professional point of view. Such an incredible breadth of information and practical solutions. I really couldn't fault it. Thank you so much for letting me be part of it. I really learnt so much.

I feel every parent should attend (this)

Tanya Wilson