Certification for Youth Developers


"The Best in You Engaging the Best in Youths."

  • Customize your approach to maximize youth engagement and motivation                                                                                   
  • Inspire the next generation with their strengths


Who Should Attend?

Counsellors, Youth Workers and Coaches seeking to maximize impact according to their innate talents:

  • "How may I influence youths in my unique and most effective way?"
  • "How may I uncover the youths' talents and allow them to shine?"


"StrengthsTransform™ enhanced my ability to challenge youths and mold them as future leaders. I now know that my unique strengths make me a strategic influencer to train youth leaders. I also learnt to empower youths to contribute through their strengths, rather than micro-manage their development. All these, help me to stay relevant to the youths and make a difference in the community."

Jason Tan, Boys' Brigade Training Committee