Education & Career Guidance

Education & Career Guidance

"Attain Excellence - Discover, Develop and Direct Your Unique Talents."

  • Discover your most direct path to academic and career success                                                                                                       
  • Direct your campus life for maximum returns


Who Should Attend?

Students (aged 15 and above) looking to discover the best campus and career options according to their innate talents:

  • "How may I clarify my vision for excellence in career and life?"
  • "What course of study should I pursue?"
  • "How can I structure my campus life to learn effectively and efficiently?"


"Before the programme I was confused and didn't know what to choose for my courses. After the programme I feel more certain and found out what my strengths are."

Youn Haena, Secondary 1, Presbyterian High School

"This programme allows me to be enlightened and now realise my strengths in certain domains and how they affect my career choice."

Jayden, Secondary 2, Presbyterian High School

"After the programme, I know how to make an effective team, how to use my strengths to plan my career, how to market my skills to others."

Chadalavada, Secondary 4, Victoria School

"Before the programme I was unable to choose what I want to do and what my talents are. After the programme, I am able to see myself in a broader perspective and how to make better choices for my future."

Zhen Yi, Secondary 4, Jurongville Secondary School

"It is amazing as it helps us find out about our strengths and helps those who do not know what to choose for Poly or JC course."

Sim Hou, Secondary 4, North Vista Secondary School

"I was able to recognise what I was good in and what courses can suit me and how to move myself closer to my dream courses/goals."

Christal, Secondary 2, Presbyterian High School

"I have a better understanding on my skillsets and what I want to do in the future."

Aiden, Secondary 4, Unity Secondary School

"This is the best program the school has given us."

Umar, Secondary 2, Woodgrove Secondary School

"I understood my strengths and recognize that I'm unique, I also have a rough idea of which course/job is ideal for me."

Megan, Secondar 3, Zhenghua Secondary School