Campus Excellence with Strengths


"Confidence and Contribution through Discovering and Directing Your Unique Talents."

  • Discover the genius in your innate talents                                               
  • Direct your campus life for maximum development and contribution


Clients (9)


"This workshop gives us a clear insight of our hidden talents we normally don't have the time to go in depth in. It's fulfilling to see how each of us are special, everyone's unique in their own way and we don't have to be like someone else."

Dikshaa, JC1, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

"I had an amazing experience and I know you will too. I was able to discover my talents and build good relationships with my friends."

Qaisara, Secondary 1, Evergreen Secondary School

"This is an enlightening experience to make you more aware of your skills to succeed."

Aydan Chang, Secondary 3, St Andrew's Secondary School

"I highly recommend this programme as it focuses on our talents and teaches us on how to apply them to our daily lives. It also teaches us on how we can make use of our talents to help others."

Wong Jun Yui, Secondary 1, Yusof Ishak Secondary School

"Before this, I was quite skeptical about profiling because many of these programmes generalise people way to much. But I was impressed by the accuracy of this profile. I also appreciate the in-depth explanations offered to help us understand what each talent is."

Trishia, JC1, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

"I'm really glad that this programme had identified things that relates to me! I find that this programme is really quite personalised, so it was fun to know more about myself and how to develop myself."

Tay Karlyn, Secondary 3, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

"This programme is specially customised and tailored to your talents and you get detailed explanation of your talents and how you can apply to your life, as a student , leader, or in the future. It is also very interesting for me to learn more about myself."

Looi En Ting, Secondary 3, Dunman High School

"I would say that this programme is beneficial, as it can help adolescents find their potential and their strengths. It can help them in finding their talents in their careers too, so I would suggest them to participate in this programme if they could."

Kasumi, Secondary 1, Evergreen Secondary School

"I have a better understanding on my talents and how to turn them into strengths."

Kai Di, Secondary 1, Riverside Secondary School

"I am now more ready for secondary school as I know my strengths better and I know how to deal with my weaknesses better."

Seri Fareeha, Secondary 1, Unity Secondary School 

"I am now more confident and feel accomplished about my own talents and able to apply it to my studies and CCA."

Zann Lim, Secondary 3, Unity Secondary School

"I am more sure of what to expect after secondary school. Such as the different paths I could choose. The talent finding activity was really intriguing to me. It kind of in a way helped me find myself which made me more sure of who I am and what I can do to better improve my daily life."

Raja Nurul, Secondary 4, Xinmin Secondary School

"It’s one of the most engaging and useful programmes that I honestly attended."

Rupessh, Secondary 3, Yuhua Secondary School