Campus Excellence with Strengths

StrengthsTransform™ Campus Excellence

StrengthsFinder StrengthsQuest Singapore

"Confidence and Contribution through Discovering and Directing Your Unique Talents"

  • Discover the genius in your innate talents
  • Direct your campus life for maximum development and contribution

Who Should Attend?

Students (age 13 and above) looking to maximize their campus development and contribution according to their innate talents:

  • "How may I develop confidence in my talents?"
  • "What unique contribution can I bring to my school and community?"
  • "How may I approach campus life to learn effectively and efficiently?"
Mass Strengths Discovery
Mass Strengths Discovery
Dance Extravanganza with Team Strengths
Dance Extravanganza with Team Strengths
Peer Learning for Strengths
Peer Learning for Strengths

What Participants Say

StrengthsFinder Raffles Institution

"I was not sure my talents will help me excel in life, and thought they were quite useless. After the workshop, I learnt that my combination of talent themes is unique and that I can contribute to society in my own way"

Rachel Lim, Student

"I was confused & often reflective of what I want to be and who I truly am. Now I understand my talents better and realise that there is so much room for me to improve my talents."

Chuah Yujie, Student

Kingmaker StrengthsQuest

“It'll cut open your heart & mind and let you see it clearly …gain insight of my own strengths."

Valerie Ong, Student

"It helped me to pinpoint and better understand my strengths … help me in better unleashing my full potential …key to finding your strengths and regaining your confidence."

Lee Qi, Student