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Screen Time, Cyber Wellness and Children

The Art & Science of Parenting in the Internet Age Screen Time, Cyber Wellness & Children   (This article was first posted in Mar 2015 for Innova Primary School. The article is reproduced here mass circulation.) In recent years, mobile Internet devices have become primary entertainment options for children. In particular, today’s primary school children probably started…
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Strengths-based Approach to Academics- Achiever

Strengths-based Approach to Academics "Knowledge consists of the facts and lessons learned. Skills are the steps of an activity. These three- talents, knowledge, and skills- combine to create your strengths." -Donald O. Clifton, father of Strengths-based Psychology as well as the developer of the eponymous Clifton StrengthsFinder- Gallup's online psychological assessment. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST…
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Strengths-Based-Approach to Cyber Wellness

Strengths-Based-Approach to Cyber Wellness In 2015, Kingmaker Consultancy Pte. Ltd. trained five 15-year old students with StrengthsTransform™ Personal Mastery programme for 4 sessions. They completed their StrengthsFinder profile, explored how their talent themes showed up in what they do on the Internet, and explored ways to diversify for cyber-wellness. During the 1st ASEAN Strengths Education Summit (2016), the candidates…
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