Pokemon Go: Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Hordes of users, young and old, have taken to catching pokemons using augmented reality - a virtual world superimposed on the real one that we eat, live & breathe in.

Yet the signs often show that virtual is sometimes greater than reality:

  1. Pedestrians crossing roads oblivious about traffic
  2. Young & old watching their mobiles for entire time awake
  3. Parents catching pokemons while children compete for their attention
  4. Crowds camping around Gyms & Pokestops waiting for appearance of epic pokemons


"How to learn from this amazing, unprecedented & ground-breaking game/app?"

"How does cyber wellness & media literacy figure in this teachable moment?"

"How can we engage young people in gaining healthy perspectives & balancing using technology?"


Kingmaker conducted cyber wellness & media literacy classes during the hottest weeks of the trends. As part of cyber wellness & character & citizenship education, we've conducted 2 workshops on understanding & managing the craze around virtual worlds & Pokemon Go. This was part of our long-running series of workshops on Virtual Worlds & Virtual Consumption.



Students were engaged through a variety of direct instruction, collaborative learning & research education. They produced top quality analyses of the following:

  1. How do the business models of apps influence user behaviour?
  2. How does virtual investment translate to real world value in games?
  3. What are different motivations for engaging in Pokemon Go?
  4. Why do users allow the app to "take over" their lives?

What Participants Say

"This is a very good workshop to help you lower your spending on virtual goods" -  Daniel, Bartley Secondary School Sec 5

"It is engaging & fun, and allows you to understand various games & virtual worlds" - Chen Jun, Bartley Secondary School Sec 5

"I like learning about the pros & cons of playing Pokemon Go. It is a good programme for people to learn about the "hyped-up" games." - Irfana, Bartley Secondary School Sec 5

"I like the new information because it made me more aware. Don't spend your time virtually!" - Sunita Rai, Bartley Secondary School Sec 5

"There is virtually nothing to improve the workshop, it is perfect! I believe the workshop will promote itself one way or another!" - Richard, Bartley Secondary School Sec 5

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