Why Strengths-Transformation?


Strengths discovery is an exciting journey for most people who take the Clifton StrengthsFinder - Genuine surprise with the accuracy of the report; awed by the detail to which it describes one's inner thoughts and feelings, and the almost unerring prediction of one's behaviour.

For the few with the opportunity to have a Strengths Coach unpack the report, the wonder is usually multiplied as one senses the impact this realisation can have on their lives. Surely this must be THE best profiling tool ever.

Yet for probably 95% of people who take the instrument, the enthusiasm is likely to gradually wane by the day. It is not surprising to find that most people would not even recall their signature themes (top 5 talent themes) just one week later.

Yet 5% (probably) will exhibit a totally contrasting response. These begin a lifelong journey of embracing strengths, infusing the ideas and strengths language into every area of life. A few continue to become strengths coaches and pursue it almost as a life-calling. As evidenced by the many Gallup Called-to-Coach videos, these people speak about strengths almost as a core philosophy of life.

Just what is the difference. What differentiates the evangelists from the rest?

At StrengthsTransform™, we believe that Strengths is too good an idea that it should be allowed to fade off. We recognise it's exponential impact once a person crosses some simple barriers and moves into the space where one begins to:

  1. Coach himself/herself
  2. Influence others & community

Simply put, the basic ideas and beliefs behind strengths are so compelling that one almost has to re-orientate their life to adjust for them. Strengths Transformation!

There are 3 basic beliefs that anchors the entire StrengthsTransform™ programme:

  1. Each one is different
  2. Each one is not just different, but gifted differently
  3. Each is uniquely gifted to be able to bring a unique contribution

Each may seem obvious, and even superfluous to merit any mention, let alone given enough time and space to expound.

We differ.

These are basic tenets that has seen us bring StrengthsTransform™ to more than 4100 clients in 2 years.

In the next few posts, I'll be taking time to carefully unpack the journey that I have personally taken. It will also document the journey that 2 companies took towards becoming strengths-based organisations.

Join us for the journey!

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