How I Developed my Top 5 CliftonStrengths at Work

How I Developed my Top 5 CliftonStrengths at Work


Hey everyone, I am Yong Han! I interned with Kingmaker over the recent summer break and I am here to pull back the curtain on the company.

I am currently a third-year undergraduate in NUS, double majoring in Psychology with Communication and New Media. My top 5 Clifton Strengths are Input, Competition, Ideation, Communication and Learner. I enjoy reading (#Input), kendo (#Competition) and facilitating (#Communication).



Before my internship, I freelanced with Kingmaker as a trainer. It started as an infrequent gig but as time passed, I was increasingly enamoured by the technical competence of Kingmaker trainers and the best-in-class programmes on offer.

There was also a natural match between these programs and what I am studying so by the time the semester was ending, I already had my eyes fixed on the Kingmaker internship.

In the interview, the last and hardest question I faced was “Why Kingmaker if you want to be a clinical psychologist?”  I was stunned. How do I link the training and clinical spaces together when they seem so far apart? (#Ideation)

Here, I will repeat what I said in the interview to round off this segment. Kingmaker’s work, in terms of strengths and cyber wellness, is not separate from clinical psychology. What Kingmaker does is empowering and meaningful. And that is something everyone can benefit from, regardless of who you are.



This is an easy one to answer because the company conducted a job function analysis that I still remember (#Input).

60% of my time is spent on R&D and this is split equally between 1) updating existing content and 2) creating new content. From sourcing the latest case studies for online aggression and working on statistical analyses, I learnt a lot in the process. There was the giddy sort of joy to be able to apply what I have learnt in university to a real-life context as well. My personal favourite was when I investigated the theoretical differences between personality and strengths. With my director Yeang Cherng, every praise is hard won and every new slide that makes it into the master copy is a victory worth celebrating (#Competition).

30% of my time is dedicated to training, which is an extension of what I have been doing as a freelancer. There were more opportunities to hone my training/facilitation skills (#Communication) and to receive specific feedback on what I did well and could do better (#Learner). My most memorable training was when I walked into a classroom expecting 35 students and ended with over 70 students instead. That really put all the facilitation skills I have learnt to the test in a satisfying challenge.

kingmaker workshop training intern internship singapore educational

Conducting a Cyber Wellness Workshop

The last 10% of my time involved logistical work. To my regret, it became a running gag in the office when I am called upon to give my humble 10%. Jokes aside, logistical work such as packing is crucial and provides a much-needed brain break from all the R&D work I do.



When I go to work, it feels as if I am in a cottage out in the woods. It is raining outside but I am next to the fireplace surrounded by friends. I am comfortable here and ready to get work done.

kingmaker consultancy intern internship singapore educational

The last day of my summer internship at Kingmaker         

Since Day 1, the company has been nothing if not welcoming. I never felt lost because there was always someone I could seek advice and help from or even simply bounce an opinion off.

I would be remiss not to mention how strengths-language forms an important part of my daily interactions in office. I like how positive psychology has seeped into almost every aspect of work and it’s really reaffirming. Everyone has their individual quirks and strengths but what unites them is a shared passion for empowering others and a trust in each other’s expertise.



I am currently engaged by the company on a part-time basis to do R&D work. Honestly, I was (and still am) not ready to close this chapter of my life. I never expected myself to be simultaneously juggling the demands of the academic semester and Kingmaker R&D.

It is simply too exhilarating to miss. Hope to see you around 😉

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