A Letter to Kingmaker

14 September 2023
Each year, we look forward to having interns join the Kingmaker family for an enriching  experience. Ashley, who was on an internship stint with us in the first half of 2023, had penned down her thoughts and reflections in this personalised letter to Kingmaker.  We wish you all the best for your exciting journey ahead in university, Ashley!

Kingmaker Overseas Programme

17 July 2023
About Kingmaker Kingmaker Consultancy Singapore, specialises in developing high-performance leaders of the 21st century. The company is also backed up by a group of full time & associate consultants with wide ranging expertise in experiential learning, service learning, research, communications and counselling. Kingmaker specialises in programmes under 2 main brands: Media Literacy School™ is a pioneer for cyber wellness, media literacy & digital citizenship education in Singapore. Since 2011, we’ve reached more than 500 000 students, teachers & parents in 290 Singapore schools with more than 2,000 training hours per year. Beyond Singapore, our reach has also extended to Malaysia, Continue Reading

My Internship Journey: Embracing the Growth Mindset

20 October 2022
My Internship Journey: Embracing the Growth Mindset If I were to describe my internship in one word, it will be “growth” Throughout the 6 months or so of my internship, I’ve gone through many different experiences, be it from packing logistics to teaching in front of a class of 40 students as a trainer. These experiences not only gave me more insights about what the different prospects are needed for the education industry, it also pushed me to develop certain emotions that we have yet once embraced, and I categorised all these as - my growth. #1: Social Growth Truth to Continue Reading

How I Developed my Top 5 CliftonStrengths at Work

20 October 2022
How I Developed my Top 5 CliftonStrengths at Work WHO AM I? Hey everyone, I am Yong Han! I interned with Kingmaker over the recent summer break and I am here to pull back the curtain on the company. I am currently a third-year undergraduate in NUS, double majoring in Psychology with Communication and New Media. My top 5 Clifton Strengths are Input, Competition, Ideation, Communication and Learner. I enjoy reading (#Input), kendo (#Competition) and facilitating (#Communication).   WHY KINGMAKER? Before my internship, I freelanced with Kingmaker as a trainer. It started as an infrequent gig but as time passed, Continue Reading
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My Internship Journey with Kingmaker: Workshop Participant to Trainer

03 August 2022
‘Kingmaker’ has always been a familiar name, one that I have heard since my schooling days in Dunman High School. It was therefore a great delight for me to find out that I had gained an internship opportunity at Kingmaker—where I could gain exposure to the education sector and the different job roles available in the organisation. At the start of the internship, I was more involved in logistics preparation and shadowing my colleagues during training workshops as a facilitator, learning the ropes along the way. With my fellow intern buddy, we had the chance to visit several schools - Continue Reading

4 Core Skills You Need in Every Leadership Role

06 April 2022
The majority of the student leaders in schools are selected for their natural charisma in peer & team management and often shines naturally when tasked to perform daily tasks. Yet they may still have countless questions on how to develop competencies in their committee.  There are many different leadership skills required in a team, but here are 4 core competencies student leaders need in any and every setting - (1) facilitate team meetings, (2) present themselves and their ideas publicly, (3) empathise and design programmes for the student body and even (4) manage peer relationships & conflicts within the team. Continue Reading
Cyber Wellness Livestream Learning Programme

Bring Livestream Learning to Your School

17 April 2020
Livestream Learning Programmes for Schools     Dear educators and partners, in this time of COVID-19, we work hand-in-hand with schools to engage your students via livestream! Lead trainers go down to your school and set up in a room Classes receive a URL and tune in to watch an engaging, quality livestream session Livestreams include CCE sessions, assembly talks, cohort programmes  group workshops and other customisations What’s Needed: Internet Connection, Laptop + Projector/ Speakers in classroom Livestream Platforms: Zoom (preferred), Google Meet, YouTube Live Available Resources: Step-by-Step Setup Guide for easy classroom setup, Teachers’ Follow-Up Curriculum (Activities & Discussions), Continue Reading
Cyber Wellness Media Literacy Kingmaker

Iowa Media Literacy Conference 2017

19 November 2017
Kingmaker at Iowa Media Literacy Conference       Media Literacy is certainly the buzzword of 2017, the world having witnessed how powerful an effect it can have on users' daily perception & thoughts. Kingmaker ended the year by showcasing her latest intervention programmes for the Educators & Social Workers of Iowa State, USA. A total of 180 participants converged upon the city of Ames & Iowa State University to hear from some of the leading names in the area of media literacy. Topics covered Cutting through the Hype: Understanding the Science on Media's Influence on Youth (Dr. Douglas Gentile, Continue Reading