Yuying Secondary School Sec 1 Orientation Program 2016


It was a blistering hot Wednesday afternoon at Yuying Secondary School as the trainers are all geared up for a fun-filled orientation with the Sec ones. But the heat did not deter the students from having fun and participating in the activities. There were meaningful interactions as the students enjoyed themselves bonding with their classmates while learning through the activities.

There was a spirit of optimism as the students worked together co-cooperatively, strengthening their relationship with one another as a class. It is also through the program, that the students learned the importance of setting goals and being adaptable to changes if it is to determine success in life, not just for oneself but also with others.

With all the nerves having to adjust to new environments and friends, an experiential program is a fantastic way to learn useful life skills that can help these new Sec ones transit from primary to secondary school life. (:

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