Strengths-Based Teambuilding Challenge

320 students gathered for an unforgettable afternoon of teambuilding with their graduating class. They were about to embark on a practical test to apply their their StrengthsQuest Talent Themes to achieve team excellence.

(The graduating cohort at Gan Eng Seng School had just acquired an in depth understanding of their unique StrengthsQuest profiles)

The Team Challenges:

  1. Mounting a dance showcase guided by the nation's top dance instructors
  2. Community Project to showcase the inspirational contribution of Singapore's Pioneers & Foreign Talent
  3. StrengthsTransform Team Challenge - "Conquer the Island"

It was no ordinary event as participants mustered energy & drive to push for the win. 3 hours of intense strenuous activity, extended practice after official hours & late-night push to perfect their showcase.

Where did the motivation come from?

  1. Discovery of one's unique talents - "No one can replace me"
  2. Appreciation of my genius - "I can make a difference"
  3. Drive for greater heights - "Reach ideals with team synergy"

Inquire with us today & find out how we use StrengthsQuest to drive each of these keys for student development!


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