Pioneer Primary School Cyber Wellness Assembly

Kingmaker did it again! Having conducted numerous assemblies over the past few years using MediaTransform programmes, Kingmaker impacted students in not just the mind but also the heart. In the first session, Master trainer Mr. Tan Hee Guan engaged the students through and through with his expressive role plays and empowered the students to make a decision to take control over their video games. When given the call to action, many students raised their hands in the presence of their teachers and friends, showing their determination to change. In the second session, lead trainer Ms Tan Shu Yan reached out to the students with her friendly disposition, and is able to relate both individually and the masses. Students learned how to be responsible Internet users and play their part in making the Internet world a more positive place. All in all, Kingmaker continues to shape the minds of 21st century learners.

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