Portfolio Category: Intervention Programmes

Strengths-Based Cyber Wellness Coaching

Strengths-Based Cyber Wellness is the new frontier for positive change. Instead of addressing how a client falls short of "normal standards" of Internet use, this approach looks at what a child is doing right when he is using the Internet. Young people are drawn into looking at their positive core of strengths and coached to…
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Media Use Profiling & Diagnostics

Media Use Profiling & Diagnostics This research consultancy service includes: Customized survey instruments by leading scientists and practitioners Analyses by research consultants Norming with national samples from 2012 to 2015 Consultation and design of solutions Backed by international research and extensive practitioner experience, MediaTransform™ diagnostics features unparalleled programme design and delivery. Clients choose from a variety…
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Personal Mastery & Time-Out Programmes

Personal Mastery & Time-Out Programmes "Maximize Student Engagement by Uncovering  Talents and Applying Strengths" Overcome personal challenges by playing to strengths Take the most direct path to excellence and well-being Who Should Attend? Students (aged 13 and above) seeking to re-engage in school life through strengths-based development: "How may I overcome challenges by using my…
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