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Cyber Wellness Masterclass

Cyber Wellness Masterclass It features public lectures on the most current and youth-relevant cyber wellness and media literacy issues such as: Prediction and intervention for Video Game Addiction – Juvenile Homes Officers Media Law and Intellectual Property: Implications for Educators and Youths - East Zone Centre of Excellence, Professional Development for Educators Social Media and…
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Media Use Profiling & Diagnostics

Media Use Profiling & Diagnostics This research consultancy service includes: Customized survey instruments by leading scientists and practitioners Analyses by research consultants Norming with national samples from 2012 to 2015 Consultation and design of solutions Backed by international research and extensive practitioner experience, MediaTransform™ diagnostics features unparalleled programme design and delivery. Clients choose from a variety…
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Certification for Youth Developers

StrengthsTransform™ Youth Developers   "The Best in You Engaging the Best in Youths" Customize your approach to maximize youth engagement and motivation Inspire the next generation with their strengths   Who Should Attend? Counsellors, Youth Workers and Coaches seeking to maximize impact according to their innate talents: "How may I influence youths in my unique…
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