Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

Kingmaker Consultants train students to become Cyber Wellness Advocates. Experienced and dedicated trainers bring out the best in students to effectively deliver a powerful message. This empowers the advocates to stay true to the cause, and develop a sense of ownership over their own learning, as well as that of their peers.

Kingmaker Distinctives

  1. Cyber wellness domain experts inspire advocates
  2. Design thinking and evidence-based approach
  3. Original student productions – Inspiration and Innovation

National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (2015)

  • 45 schools
  • 77 teams
  • 350 advocates
  • 10,000 students reached

Other Advocacy Programmes (2015)

  • 20 schools
  • 358 advocates
  • 18,500 students

Metrics for Kingmaker’s High-Impact Advocacy Programme

  • 87 to 96% say they have “improved In understanding cyber wellness”
  • 85 to 87% express confidence in their advocacy role
  • 77 to 90% improved visual communication skills

What Participants Say

“I have learnt much more than in just CCE lessons about the Internet. It was more educational than I thought it would be.” - Trinissha, Chua Chu Kang Secondary School

“I learnt a lot about cyber wellness and I got many ideas.” - Vanessa, St Hilda's Primary School

“I was very shy at first, I didn’t really talk loudly or use a microphone. But after the course, I became more confident” - Ami Shafinaz, East View Secondary School

“Students learnt to work together and be active listeners, and made very good friends. From being unsure about certain cyber wellness topics, they have become confident enough to share ideas with their peers.” –Ms. Alivia, Marsiling Primary School, National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge

“Students learnt how to create cyber wellness materials on their own. After the training, they grew in their self-esteem and ability to do presentations. By learning with their teammates and students from other schools, my students gained a lot of ideas on how to advocate for good cyber wellness practices as well.” Ms. Leong Sweet Lee, Dunearn Secondary School, National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge

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