Media Literacy Programmes

Media Literacy Programmes

This programme features absorbing insights into the world of media and content producers.

Insider’s knowledge of the media industry

Discernment to critically evaluate media content

Skills to master media

Media Literacy Singapore Schools

Understanding the Workings of Media

Media Literacy Singapore Workshops Seminars
Dissecting Media Effects
Media Literacy Singapore Workshop Seminar
Explaining Media Effects
Media Literacy Singapore Critical Thinking
Developing Critical Thinking on Media Effects

Developing Skills to Use Media Effectively

Media Literacy Singapore Media Design Skills
Acquiring Media Design Skills
Media Literacy Singapore Workshop
Media Design Group Work
Media Literacy Singapore Primary School
Practicing Media Presentation Skills

Popular Topics “Who is Media Savvy?”

1. Evaluating Online News – Perception Shapes Reality

2. Media and Buying Behaviour

3. Media Violence and Online Aggression

4. Media, Self Perception and Esteem

What Participants Say

Kingmaker Cyber Wellness Advocacy
Beatty Secondary School

“It is very appropriate, informative and useful in today's digital age. The presenter is a very effective and confident speaker. She knows and delivers her presentation very well. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoy the programme. Very relevant, “eye-opener” in today's ICT arena, and not abstract, “talking in the air”. Thank you.”

Ms. Liem, Teacher

"I think the video that demonstrated how toddlers exemplified violent behavior immediately after watching Power Rangers was a very good way of showing the students the harmful effects of violent media still drove home the point that violent media content does affect our behavior negatively."

Denessa Boon, Teacher

"The videos were awesome and she talked about common trends. Their problem is that they are not at my school frequent enough. I want more. [I would promote this by telling others] to persuade their school to call you guys up to educate them."

Adiel Ahmad, Student, Secondary 4

Kingmaker Media Literacy Client
Hwa Chong Institution

"I liked how the speaker showed us the real and true side effects of multi-tasking and task-switching through engaging tasks for us to do. It really shows us the importance of minimising our distractions in order to increase our efficacy in getting our jobs and work done."

Shu Wen, Student, Year 6

It was very effective in proving the points given, especially with the videos and "challenges" given to us before the point was made - the fact that we struggled with the challenges were very effective in showing us that our preconceived ideas of multitasking were flawed.

Eugene Soong, Student, Year 6

Kingmaker Media Client
Concord Primary School

“The programme is very interesting and well good. Before the programme I was slightly aware, now I am totally aware.”

Nur Shahriyah Fatin, Student, Primary 4

“I would tell [others] that the programme is very fun and the trainers are very kind and helpful.”

He Xinduo, Student, Primary 4

Kingmaker Media Literacy Client
Bukit Panjang Government High School

“It teaches me the impact that media causes, which is helpful to me in my daily life”

Isabel Lee, Student, Secondary 2

“It is quite engaging and the videos are very relevant and useful in helping me understand the new concepts.”

Ang Ler Shan, Student, Secondary 2

“It is quite engaging and the videos are very relevant and useful in helping me understand the new concepts.”

Seetoh Yit Ching, Student, Secondary 2