Cyber Wellness Programmes

Cyber Wellness Singapore Schools

Cyber Wellness Programmes

Evidence-based intervention to develop discerning and responsible ICT users. Solutions validated to shape values & change behaviour in 21st century learners.

Top-notch trainers deliver lively, engaging and interactive sessions. Content is updated and relevant, with cutting-edge research and current case studies. Schools also receive validation of all learning outcomes.

Flexible & Varied Formats

Assemblies (Consistent School-Wide Messaging)

Cyber Wellness Assembly Junior College
Critical Thinking with Case Studies
Cyber Wellness Assembly Primary School Singapore
Engaging Through Story Telling
Cyber Wellness Assembly Secondary
Relevant Content on Multimedia

Workshops (Engagement for Enhanced Learning)

Relevant Quality Cyber Wellness Content
Quality Content Delivery
Cyber Wellness Workshop Primary School
Experiential Learning & Gamification
Co-Creation of Learning Outcomes
Co-Creation of Learning Outcomes

Seminars (Customisation for Specific Needs)

Cyber Wellness Seminars Junior College
Analyses of Current Issues
Cyber Wellness Seminar Primary School Singapore
Age-Appropriate Engagement
Cyber Wellness Seminar Secondary School Singapore
Values for Digital Citizenship

Age-Appropriate Programmes

Kingmaker Cyber Wellness Primary
Kingmaker Cyber Wellness Secondary

Primary School Programmes

  • Developmentally appropriate and engaging
  • Experienced trainers use games and stories
  • Follow-up activities and teacher facilitation guides extend learning beyond the workshop

Secondary School Programmes

  • Imparts expert knowledge and wisdom to analyse and evaluate media
  • Trains participants to tap and tame the power of media to build the community

Junior College and Tertiary Programmes

  • Media literacy and relevance in the real world
  • Critical thinking on contemporary challenges

What Participants Say

Kingmaker Media Literacy Client
Hwa Chong Institution


Xu Hongjuan, Teacher

“It was very interesting and thought provoking - it allows us to see the same issue from different perspective”

Ng Sha-Anne, Student

“The programme proves to us that task-switching and multitasking is detrimental to our progress in school, and thus, this evidence provided to us, and the advice, has inspired me to take action to stop multitasking or task switching when I'm doing my school work.”

Jenique Koong, Student

Cyber Wellness Schools
Catholic Junior College

I think the session went very well. Your speaker was amazing; she engaged the students, she was energetic, she drove the kids to think. She knew how to connect with the students and she brought the materials to life. Please pass my compliments to her. I hope she continues to do her good work.

Your material was helpful and it was updated. That is critical to us. We appreciate the effort put in.

Mr William Seah, Teacher

“I personally find the range of coverage to be sufficient, with a great depth and range of examples to convey to us the volatility present in social media.”

Wong Wei Hao, Student


Kingmaker StrengthsQuest
Dunman High School

“I have learnt many ways to spend my time wisely and how I can minimize distractions which I find very useful.”

Tan Yu Tong, Student, Year 2

“I'd say that it's helpful and fact-based instead of moral-based unlike how so many programmes are who expect to stop just because "it's right to stop". This programme treats us like the thinking adults we are.”

Kow Zi Ting, Student, Year 1

Kingmaker Cyber Wellness
Siling Secondary School

“This morning’s talk was simply SUPERB! The presenter was able to capture the students' attention by playing videos like Unbelievable and showing interesting photos from Stomp! From there, he gradually moved on to the impact of posting negative stuff via social platforms which hit the nail on the head. The presentation was impactful and coherent, and the speaker spoke well. I enjoyed the morning programme very much.”

Ms. Chan Mei Ling, Teacher

Bartley Secondary School
Bartley Secondary School

“Trainer was clear in communicating with the students. She is able to engage majority in the class. The resources used related well to the students' profile.”

Ms Prema, Teacher

“[What I liked most were the] relevant case studies to show students the many perspectives in the media. Famous misrepresented pictures of Vietnam execution to show media could be manipulated since ages ago.”

Anonymous, Teacher

Bowen Kingmaker Cyber Wellness
Bowen Secondary School

“Before the programme, I just (played) games without knowing why I game for and did not bother to control time I spend on games. After the workshops, I am fully aware why I game for and will know when and when not to game.


This programme is very interesting and allows you to learn much more about why you game and how to make the best use of our talent.”

Zhou Zhen Yu, Secondary Two

WRSS Cyber Wellness Kingmaker
Woodlands Ring Secondary School

“(I like the parts about) wrong facts", "Fake news'. The trigger (video) was excellent as a source to show perception of reality. The resources are excellent videos, example photographs. Engaging”

(Anonymised) Senior Educator

“The programme is very engaging and interesting with many real life examples given”

(Anonymised) LT, Sec 3


Kingmaker Cyber Wellness Advocacy
Beatty Secondary School

“(I like it that) Giving the students food for thought, not just stuffing information down their throat, but questioning them to think and rethink. The facilitator has a good voice and speaks clear and well. Topics discussed were relevant and interesting to capture the audience”

Yong May May, Educator, Beatty Secondary School

Cyber Wellness Kingmaker Cedar Girls
Cedar Girls' Secondary School

"It is able to make cyber wellness (Something that we initially think is boring), into something we can understand through videos and games”

Julia Chang, Secondary One

“I would say that they (others) must come this workshop as this is much more in-depth compared to the ones i went to previously”

Baswa Sai Sudeepti, Secondary One

“There were fun and engaging activities that allows us to learn more about online posting and how once you post something, it is difficult to completely delete it”

Joyce, Secondary One