Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

Kingmaker Consultants train students to become Cyber Wellness Advocates. Experienced and dedicated trainers bring out the best in students to effectively deliver a powerful message. This empowers the advocates to stay true to the cause, and develop a sense of ownership over their own learning, as well as that of their peers.

Cyber Wellness Singapore Advocacy
Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge
Cyber Wellness Primary School Singapore
Primary School Advocates
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Secondary School Advocates

Kingmaker Distinctives

Domain Experts inspire advocates

Design thinking and evidence-based approach

Original student productions – Inspiration and Innovation

National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (2015-2017)

Kingmaker has been the training partner for the National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC) for three years. From 2015, NCAC has reached out to students, teachers, schools and parents across Singapore with some real quality impact!

  • 181 schools
  • 293 teams
  • 1 012 student advocates
  • 20 000 students reached

What Participants Say

Metrics for Kingmaker's High-Impact Advocacy Programme

  • 87 to 96% say they have “improved In understanding cyber wellness”
  • 85 to 87express confidence in their advocacy role
  • 77 to 90% improved visual communication skills
Cyber Wellness Singapore Advocacy Client
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School

“Cyber aggression is a serious case that is becoming very common, affecting many teenagers. This programme will definitely benefit you and teach you how to deal with cyber trolls. :)”

Wong Hui Yi, Student, Secondary 1

“This workshop was interesting and interactive and allow me to understand very clearly about the idea of cyber bully[ing] and the different types and categories.”

Tay Jing Ying, Student, Secondary 2

Kingmaker Cyber Wellness Advocacy
Beatty Secondary School

“The trainer made the filming of the videos much more interesting and also implementing our ideas.”

Wong Zi Hua, Student, Secondary 2

“I would [recommend this to others by saying] that the trainers and activities were excellent.”

Tan Rui Yan Ryan, Student, Secondary 2

Kingmaker Cyber Wellness
Nan Hua High School

"Many topics brought up are very relatable and the programme was very engaging."

Phoebe Teo, Student, Secondary 3

"It is fun and a interesting way for you to learn about yourself through your online activities."

Ding Bowen, Student, Secondary 3