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Suite of MediaTransform™ Solutions
Suite of MediaTransform™ Solutions

MediaTransform™ is a suite of solutions & resources for Cyber WellnessMedia Literacy & Digital Citizenshipeducation.

Students, parents & educators learn to be discerning consumers & users of media. They will master media and not be manipulated by it.


Media Literacy

Media Literacy programmes feature absorbing insights into the world of media & content producers. Programmes start with an insider's knowledge of the workings of media, followed by critical evaluation of media platforms & industry, scientific appraisal of users & practical steps to master media.


Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness programmes educate students on the prevailing internet safety issues in Singapore & beyond. Users learn to safeguard themselves from harm while they navigate the digital world. MediaTransform™ features expert content on the following:

Internet & Computer Gaming Addiction
Social Media, Online Privacy & Reputation
Online Aggression & Media Violence


Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship programmes train students to become responsible leaders and advocates. Domain experts work with youths to co-create campaigns, movements & content to inspire other youths. Advocates learn to stay true to the cause, develop ownership to transform communities through the Internet.

Kingmaker's range of customisable cyber wellness programmes -
affirmed by many students and educators across Singapore schools.

Media Literacy Programmes

This programme features absorbing insights into the world of media and content producers. Programmes start with an insider’s knowledge of the workings of media, followed by critical understanding of the key features of the industry, scientific appraisal of users, and practical steps to master media.

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Cyber Wellness Programmes

Kingmaker’s lively, engaging and interactive programmes educate students on the prevailing issues in cyberspace. Top-notch trainers provide fresh and relevant content from cutting-edge research and case studies. Schools also receive validation of all learning outcomes.

Format: Workshops | Seminars | Assemblies

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Cyber Wellness Carnivals

Kingmaker designs dynamic cyber wellness carnivals and amazing race events in schools! More than 50 primary and secondary schools have experienced this unique approach for experientialtransformational learning.

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Cyber Wellness Advocacy Training

Kingmaker Consultants train students to become Cyber Wellness Advocates. Experienced and dedicated trainers bring out the best in students to effectively deliver a powerful message. This empowers the advocates to stay true to the cause, and develop a sense of ownership over their own learning, as well as that of their peers.

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Cyber Wellness Masterclass

“Content is delivered in a non-preachy manner by engaging the students with facts and the psychology behind HOW gaming works. Speaker is articulate and carries himself well. A very refreshing and energetic delivery - definitely a keeper for future talks.”

– Tay Yan Hoon, Teacher, Hwa Chong Institution

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Media Use & Profiling

This research consultancy service includes:

  1. Customized survey instruments by leading scientists and practitioners
  2. Analyses by research consultants
  3. Norming with national samples from 2012 to 2017
  4. Consultation and design of solutions

Backed by international research and extensive practitioner experience, MediaTransform™ diagnostics features unparalleled programme design and delivery.

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The Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Teenagers)

This workshop presents the latest research on cyber wellness and parental mediation. Parents discover why youths are so motivated to dwell in cyberspace. Parents also learn how social media and videos games drive usage patterns, and how they may sometimes work against cyber wellness.

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The Art & Science of Parenting in the Digital Age (Children)

How does digital exposure affect child development, learning & social relationships? Why are devices and Internet applications so "addictive"?. Parents learn how to manage children's "media diet" & gain practical handles to implement them in a sustainable manner. Most importantly, parents are guided on best practices to develop resilience & self-regulation in young children.

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