Portfolio Category: Strengths-Based Development

Certification for Youth Developers

StrengthsTransformâ„¢ Youth Developers   "The Best in You Engaging the Best in Youths" Customize your approach to maximize youth engagement and motivation Inspire the next generation with their strengths   Who Should Attend? Counsellors, Youth Workers and Coaches seeking to maximize impact according to their innate talents: "How may I influence youths in my unique…
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Education & Career Guidance

StrengthsTransformâ„¢ Careers (Personal Branding and Career Guidance) "Attain Excellence - Discover, Develop and Direct Your Unique Talents" Discover your most direct path to academic and career success Direct your campus life for maximum returns Who Should Attend? Students (aged 15 and above) looking to discover the best campus and career options according to their innate…
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