Kingmaker Cyberwellness Day (25 of 121)

Kingmaker nurtures youths to lead in the digital age and to live to their fullest potential. Kingmaker encourages and develops that full expression according to each person's unique talents & strengths.


Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy

Our Digital Citizenship programmes are dynamic, interactive & scientifically-validated to teach digital literacy, change attitudes & behaviour for cyber wellness.

Top-notch trainers conduct powerful learning experiences, workshops, seminars, carnivals & advocacy campaigns.

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Strengths-Based Development

StrengthsTransform™ integrates StrengthsExplorer®, StrengthsQuest®, StrengthsFinder® & Strengths Strategy® for transformational learning.

Applications range from Academic Excellence, Socio-Emotional Learning, Education & Career Guidance, Leadership, Discipline & Motivation

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Research Consultancy

StrengthsTransform Diagnostics™ & MediaTransform Diagnostics™ are backed by international research experience & supported by the largest Singapore database for cyber wellness & strengths-based development.

Our consultants design data-driven solutions to partner Educators for school transformation.

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